GeBiSa foundation press conference presentation

GeBiSa foundation press conference presentation


5 june 2012 Sala della Vaccara- Perugia

This morning at 12 am, at  Sala della Vaccara in Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia, took place the press release for Ge.Bi.Sa (Genitori Bimbi Sani) foundation presentation.

The foundation, as explained by the experts that were invited, arises from the effort and the sensitivity of Dott. Benito Cappuccini, neonatologist and paediatrician, and some of his colleagues and co-workers, that carried on many clinical projects with the Hospital and theUniversity of Perugia.

The Honorable Maria Rita Lorenzetti, vice president of the foundation, first came in, expressing her gratitude for the commitment of all the members of the foundation and her attention to the importance of the prevention, during pregnancy, of serious pathologies that could affect the neonate’s future health during his life.

Than Wladimiro Boccali, Mayor of Perugia, gave his greetings and confirmed the solidity of the Umbrian Health Care System, prising for the commitment of members and testimonials of the foundation.

Prof. Giuseppe Castellucci, honorary member of the foundation and chief of the Regional Paediatric Net, expressed his gratitude for the initiative and highlighted the importance of the improvement of the health of Umbrian neonates. Indeed he said that 10% of our neonates suffer from more or less serious pathologies. It’s important to work hard to reduce them, also with the help of the generosity of Umbrian people, always paying special attention on initiatives addressed to children.

Dott. Emilio Duca explained the importance of the services necessary to sustain the foundation, like the neonatal transport and expressed his gratitude to our so famous testimonials.

Paolo Rossi (that started announcing he brings good luck in this kind of initiatives) and Federica Cappelletti had the chance to know the problems we are fighting with, indeed their first doughter has been followed up from Dott. Benito Cappuccini’s team, because of a gestational diabetes occurred on Federica’s pregnancy. The baby is now well and the second pregnancy of Federica was completely normal thanks to the prevention and the help of the team of experts fromPerugia’s Hospital.

Prof. Paolo Brunetti, Ge.Bi.Sa President, closed the conference highlighting that the best intervention come before the conception with the counselling to at risk couples, doing the major effort is possible to avoid epigenetic damns conducting to high risk of metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

Newborns from this pregnancies, explained Dott. Benito Cappuccini, are not only at risk during the first days of life, but maintain the risk of a negative outcome until adulthood for handicaps, neurobehaviour diseases, infertility. This is the biggest innovation and operation for heath, giving the relevance of the pathologies and the amount of involved population.

“In 2009 – continued Cappuccini – we constituted a multidisciplinary team to intercept the risk before the pregnancy and so can offer an answer to carry on pregnancy and children’s follow-up in the best way”.

The foundation’s web site has been presented at the end of the press release. There are five sections were it’s possible to find founders and members, partners helping the foundation, publications of popular or medical interest, news on events and curiosity on the foundation, and the “contact us” section.

5 June 2012
Valentina Casalaspro