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During the last three years we have organised many scientific seminars in cooperation with the Medical School of Perugia University and other Scientific Societies, relating to women and their newborns’ health. We presented our scientific results in all the most important International Congresses and we have been invited to the annual WHO Meetings. We found and optimized new imaging-biomarkers technologies to early detect and prevent the health risks in offsprings of pathologic pregnancies. We have published our results in the major medical journals. We cofounded the SI-DOHAD, that is the Italian chapter of DOHAD ( More important for us is that our multidisciplinary team managed in an innovative way more than 1500 high risk pregnancies and their offsprings. In many cases we reduced the correlate morbidities, both in perinatal period and later in life. We have also joined the WHO global project ( www.WHO ) for reducing NonCommunicable Diseases ( Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Neurocomportamental Disorders ). Currently we are starting some new projects and international cooperations to improve our job and to achieve our goal: